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Guangzhou ATA Profile
Guangzhou ATA, which is a member of ATA Group was set up in the city centre of Guangzhou in 1999. ATA is a global business solution provider, proving the small and medium-sized enterprises with multi-functional business and investment services, ranging from basic to high-end professional and tailor-made services. With ten years’ development, ATA has extended its business to main cities around China and other major cities all over the world.
ATA Businesses in Guangzhou
Guangzhou ATA provides business services with business set-up in form of Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE), Representative Office (RO) or Joint Venture (JV); business operation in form of market study, website promotion, clients-searching;
business management in form of human resource layout, CI design; business follow-up in forms of annual return, monthly tax return, book-keeping & auditing, work permit and entry visa, etc.
Guangzhou Investment Guide
Guangzhou is the capital city and the political, economic, scientific and technological, educational and cultural center of Guangdong Province. With a long history, and being China's earliest foreign trading port, Guangzhou has a quite important position in the world. It won the title of "China's First Exhibition ", for it has the largest scale, the longest exhibiting time, the highest grade of participants and the largest turnover of all fairs in China.
Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in Guangzhou
ATA can set up a Guangzhou company in form of WFOE. WFOE stands for wholly foreign owned enterprise which is 100%; held by foreign individual or corporate entity. The main advantage for an investor of a WFOE include the independence and control to implement the strategy of the parent company, without having to consider the involvement of a Chinese partner; the protection of intellectual know-how and technology transfer; and flexibility in carrying out business activities stated in the venture’s business license.
Representative Office (RO) in Guangzhou
ATA can set up business in Guangzhou in form of RO. RO stands for representative office which is an office of the foreign enterprise established in China for liaison with Chinese businesses and customers on behalf of its parent company. Unlike WFOE, RO are not required to meet strict requirements for items such as registered capital. The simplicity and short time required for establishing a RO is the main advantage for its popularity in the Chinese market.
Joint Venture (JV) in Guangzhou
Investors can set up a Guangzhou company in form of Joint Venture, which is the enterprise formated jointly by both foreign companies, other economic organizations or individuals and Chinese enterprises, on the principle of equality&benefit. The foreign investors should hold no less than 25% share in the Joint Venture Company. The Joint Venture can be devided into equity joint venture & cooperative one.
Guangzhou ATA Follow Up Service
If a company has been set up in Guangzhou, there are a lot of business-related matters to be followed up. ATA provides tailor-made services to the clients’ need as follows: market research, annual return to company registry, book-keeping and auditing, procurement, commercial secretarial service, logistics service, human resource management, financial management, domain name registration, website design, etc.
Quick Go in Guangzhou
Quick Go is a life guide or work guide designed especially for the foreign investors who are still new in Guangzhou. They will find life and work in Guangzhou much easier with help of this Quick Go guidance or navigator. This navigator will give you the useful information in Guangzhou about bank, shopping, hotels, restaurants, tourist spots, transportation, geography, human resource recruitment, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide ATA’s clients with a quick way to familiarize themselves with the new investment environment in the area of business setup, operation, management, follow-up and related government rules and regulations. The clients can easily understand what to invest, when to invest, where to invest, why to invest, whom to cooperate with ATA's assistance, eventually find a way to business success in China.
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